Leeger Architecture

Whether planning a full estate or remodeling your existing residence, home should be a haven; a place to retreat from, invite in, or reflect on, your place in the world. Your experience of dreaming and creating should be one of excitement and joy.

There is a lot involved in turning dreams into an architectural reality. Approaching the process as just that – a process, where each step builds upon the foundation of the previous step, allows all involved to achieve a successful outcome.

Leeger Architecture strives to define successful projects as those that the client delights in, one that navigates the process with minimal turbulence, and results in strengthened relationships.

Kit Leeger’s philosophy of collaboration has earned her the highest regard with clients, contractors and consultants alike. Her ultimate goal is to exceed her client’s dreams. To meet that goal, she works with the highest quality consultants and artisans.

Philosophy of Green: Ninety percent of sustainability is inherent in Leeger Architecture’s high quality design. Kit has been designing and implementing sustainable, durable, high-efficiency, health-conscience systems and other green concepts for multiple decades. That said, partnering with clients, consultants and contractors who understand, and support, the process provides increase levels of success. Establishing those priorities are part of the Programming process.