Church Expansion & Campus Renovations

Growing and serving the community of Del Mar

The church began on this site 75 years ago, and has served Del Mar in innumerable ways. It’s continuous growth through the years is testimony to the needs met by both the church members and the community at large. Being the only church in Del Mar, they take their responsibilities seriously as they are looking toward their future. A primary goal is to make the campus inviting, friendly and fully accessible.

  • Location:St Peter’s Episcopal Church.
  • Program:Create a more welcoming and accessible campus. Provide classrooms and meeting spaces that service both the congregation and the community. Increase church seating while maintaining the intimate redwood environment everyone loves.
  • Special Parameters:Preserve the quaint intimacy of the church and campus and the exquisite exterior of clear redwood.
  • Architect:Kit Leeger, LEEGER ARCHITECTURE